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Recommendations for a New Rock Dusting Standard to Prevent

Oct 25 2013 · The workings of a bituminous coal mine produce explosive coal dust for which adding rock dust can reduce the potential for explosions Accordingly guidelines have been established by the Mine Safety and Health Administration MSHA about the relative proportion of rock dust that must be present in a mine s intake and return airways

Explosion energy of methane deposited coal dust and inert

The rock dust lain on the tunnel ground has a significant suppression effect on the explosion overpressure flame temperature and velocity of methane with coal dust When the rock dust

How Does Limestone Rock Dust Prevent Coal Dust Explosions

Coal dust explosions in underground coal mines are prevented by generous application of rock dust usually limestone If an explosion should occur the rock dust disperses mixes with the coal dust and prevents flame propagation by acting as a thermal inhibitor or heat sink

MSHA increases rock dust standard

2010921 for decades how to prevent coal dust explosions Apply large amounts of quotrock dust quot usually powdered line to wall and floor surfaces

of Coal Dust Explosions PowerPoint Presentation ID 3087247

MSHA Revised Policies and Procedures for the Prevention of Coal Dust Explosions April 1 2013 WHY Upper Big Branch Mine Explosion April 5 2010

PDF Rock dust requirement for suppression of coal dust explosion

Aug 1 2018 Rock dust line dust is most commonly used for inerting and suppression of coal All the experiments are performed in the laboratory using a 0 234 liter experimentation to remove any extra moisture which might

LRCHow does line rock dust prevent coal dust explosions

LRC Lyric HTMLMethane explosions can also cause subsequent inhibitor or heat sink i e the rock dust reduces the flame large explosions of coal dust which can

Explosion properties of admixtures IChemE

when such dusts are mixed with an inert non explosible dust the explosible properties may be suppressed or at sufficiently high concentrations even eliminated completely This principle tant aspect of mine safety in that fine line dust is more effective at The use of inert dust to suppress explosions in coal mines

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NIOSH takes on coal and rock dust The real picture on coal dust in US mines NIOSH takes on coal and rock dust

Coal Dust Survey Program WV Mine Safety

Feb 11 2013 procedures and coal dust explosion background that will overcome however for particles on the rib roof surface only the Line becomes marble from the heat and pressure of 52 Hartman I et al Recent rock dusting experiments for arresting coal mine explosions U RI 4688 1950

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How Does Limestone Rock Dust Prevent Coal Dust Explosions To prevent the coal dust from taking part in such an explosion mine operators routinely cover the oor rib and roof areas of mine entries with a generous applica173 tion of inert rock dust Pulverized limestone rock dust is commonly used The percentage of rock dust is frequently

Influence of coal dust on premixed turbulent methane–air

This explosion often occurs in coal mines which start with a methane air explosion and entrain coal dust as the flame propagates down the mine gallery Hybrid flames have been studied by several researchers 2–9 recently reviewed by Eckhoff 10 Russo et al 8 and Liu et al 9 injected a coal dust methane mixture into a combustion cham

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Underground coal mining produces finely divided coal dust that deposits throughout the mine and serves as a source of combustible material for coal dust explosions Limestone powder known as rock dust is spread throughout the mine workings on a regular basis This rock dust serves to inert the coal dust when applied in the proper proportion

Participation of large particles in coal dust explosions

Participation of large particles in coal dust explosions Abstract Float coal dust is produced during the coal mining process in underground mines If it

Dust Explosions in Coal Mines and Industry jstor

Dr Hartmann is chief of the Dust Explosions and Coal Mine Experiments Branch humidity variations on rock strata in mines and on other mine safety problems In certain respects dust explosions are similar to ground line is applied on the floor walls of explosive dust in plants and at eliminating all

Effect of ground control mesh on dust sampling and

Mesh adds additional elevated surface areas on which rock or float coal dust can be suspended which could increase or decrease protection from explosion propagation However if the mesh has the capacity to hold sufficient dispersible float coal dust without at least four times that amount of dispersible rock dust an explosion may propagate

Examination of classified rock dust treated and untreated

Rock dusting limestone dust is a primary measure to prevent propagating coal dust explosions in underground coal mines in the United States Although rock dust is considered a nuisance dust Continuous Personal Dust Monitors CPDMs do not distinguish between the coal dust and rock dust and assess the total dust exposure

Performance of distributed bagged stone dust barrier in

article osti 20020982 title Performance of distributed bagged stone dust barrier in combating coal dust explosions author Plessis J J L du and Vassard P S abstractNote The Kloppersbos Research Facility of the CSIR s Division of Mining Technology has developed a new method of building stone dust barriers The new barrier makes use of a previous concept of containing stone dust

modern rock dust development and evaluation for UKnowledge

Oct 29 2015 I represent that my thesis or dissertation and abstract are my original work KEYWORDS coal mining mine safety respirable dust rock dusting flammability Figure 2 2 Altofts Experimental Gallery After Explosion of Dust Figure 2 14 Adherence of line dust on dry and wetted surfaces of mine

how does line rock dust eliminate coal dust explosions

how does line rock dust eliminate coal dust explosions experimental Post explosion observations of experimental mine and Publication Post

Effects of rock dusting in preventing and reducing intensity of coal

Jun 1 2017 The effectiveness of the rock dust in reducing explosion intensity has been proven by historic events and laboratory experiments been quantitatively studied and results are presented in this paper Keywords Coal mine explosions Rock dusting Regulatory standards Isolator Heat sink Energy absorber

How does line rock dust prevent coal dust explosions

201727 Coal dust explosions in underground coal mines are prevented by generous application of rock dust usually line If an explosion shoul

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Controlling float coal dust in underground coal mines before dispersal into the general airstream can reduce the risk of mine explosions while potentially achieving a more effective and efficient use of rock dust A prototype flooded bed scrubber was evaluated for float coal dust control in the return of a continuous miner section

CDC Mining Coal Dust Particle Size Survey of U S

The size of the coal dust is relevant to the amount of rock dust required to inert the coal dust with more rock dust needed to inert finer sizes of coal dust Dust samples were collected by MSHA inspectors from several mines in each of MSHA s ten bituminous Coal Mine Health and Safety Districts


Other research has shown that the coal or rock dust accumulated on the rib or roof surfaces or other elevated surfaces overhead dust is easier to disburse or entrain into the turbulent air created by an explosion shock wave than dust on the mine floor Nagy 1981 Owings et al 1940

Post explosion observations of experimental mine and

Post explosion observations of experimental mine and laboratory coal dust explosions weighted mean diameters The last column lists the mass median diameter The size data for the limestone rock dust are listed in the last line of the table Table 1 Analyses of the bituminous coal dusts and rock dust Experimental coal dust and gas

Reducing float coal dust NCBI NIH

Dec 22 2016 The inertization of float coal dust with rock dust helps prevent a of action is to significantly reduce the hazard by removing float coal dust from the A recent computational fluid dynamic and experimental study of a Studies have shown that inertization of flammable coal dust with line dust does not

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rock 39 dust quotPronunciation key a crushed line sprayed on surfaces in mines to make coal dust incombustible in case of a gas explosion

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rock dust must be applied how close to the face 40 feet what percent of rock dust is in the intake 65 what percent of rock dust is in the return 80 what are the three ways to rock dust by hand section rock duster track rock duster you take a test and receive a card you are certified you learn a job on the job you are qualified

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Rockdust is also the line based product sprayed on walls inside This is to prevent coal dust explosions and also to prevent the incidence

New mine safety test lab proposed for site on Pocahontas

We did look at existing mines but you really need a hard rock mine to contain repeated testing of coal dust combustion and explosions from other sources said Sam Tarr of the CDC s Office


Despite the worldwide research on coal mine safety coal dust explosions involving fatalities and injuries still occur each year Research by the U S Bureau of Mines USBM and agencies in other countries has shown that mixing a sufficient quantity of inert rock dust with coal dust will prevent explosions U S Federal law 30 CFR

Federal Register Fire Extinguishers in Underground Coal

Fire Extinguishers in Underground Coal Mines that the mine operator spreads on coal surfaces to reduce the chance of stirring up an explosive suspension of coal dust The rock dust also can work as a fire suppressant by smothering the flame It is widely used in coal mining to reduce the likelihood of coal dust explosions or flame

Summary Monitoring and Sampling Approaches to Assess

3 Coal dust represents an explosion hazard in underground coal mines which often can be mitigated effectively through a proper rock dusting program The practice involves applying an inert rock dust material to the surfaces of an underground coal mine and maintaining sufficient quantities so that the incombustible content of the combined coal

Coal Dust Explosion Studies on Closed Room by Numerical

Download Citation Coal Dust Explosion Studies on Closed Room by Numerical Emulation Technique In recent years dust explosion is occurred more and more in Chinese coal

Coal dust particle size survey of US mines MSHA

the sample to remove the line rock dust sonic sieving to determine the dust size and low temperature ashing of with coal dust will prevent coal dust explosions by acting as 39 39 mine size dust 39 39 and was used in the experimental mine

Preventing Coal Dust Explosions in Semantic Scholar

Finer coal dust is more explosible and requires more rock dust to inert Full scale experiments conducted in the Bruceton Experimental Mine Coal Mention of company names or products does not constitute endorsement by the Centers for to Remove Moisture materials and typical line rock dust to inert

Coal Dust Explosion Tests in the Experimental Mine 1919 to

This report on the third series of coal dust explosibility tests at the experimental mine near Bruceton PA about 12 miles from the Pittsburgh experiment station of

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